Highline Kurs Mai/Juni 2020

Highline Kurs Mai/Juni 2020

Trick-Highline Course June 2020 (advanced)

Four training-days in July 23.07.2020 - 26.07.2020 to bring your highline skills on the next level.

240,00 CHF
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Trick-Highline Course

Do you want to get more stable on highlines and learn your first, easy bounce-tricks? Then this is the perfect course for you! There should be no pressure on you - we will have a lot of fun during these days. But for sure you will feel your muscles after this intense training ;-)

Learn to do Tricks

We will go to the boulder area “Magic Woods” in the south-east of Switzerland and spend 4 days of intense highline sessioning. We can rig 3 parallel highlines of about 60m length – this allows perfect teaching conditions. The coach (Samuel Volery) can directly explain the tricks from the middle line to each side. With words and by directly showing the movements. Like this you can work on the fine-tuning and stick some tricks in no time! Even some synchronized combos on an easy level will be possible!

Learn to rig fun highlines

In this course you will not only learn new tricks, but we will also put our focus on rigging. What kind of line allows what tricks? What tension is needed for surfing or bouncing? Samuel Volery will do his best to answer to all your questions concerning rigging.


Thursday - Sunday, 23. - 26. July 2020

Location & Campground

In Magic Woods we stay at the campground “Bodhi”. You can reach the campground by car (“Magic Woods” on Google Maps) or by Public Transportation (Ausserferrera, Schmelzi). From there it is a 400m easy hike in a beautiful forest to reach the highlines. There is no big shop close to the campground, so ideally bring some food along for 4 days.


Samuel Volery is Highlining since 8 years. He has invented countless tricks on slacklines, is highlining basically every weekend and is also the current World Record holder in highlining. But he also knows how to teach classes. He has already been teaching hundreds of slackline classes at university sports, in physiotherapy, psychomotoric therapy, for sport teachers and also for highline beginners.

Costs & Group Size

The group size is limited to a maximum of 8 participants to allow very direct and individual teaching. The costs per person are at 240.- CHF. Costs for the campground and food are not included.

Minimum level & Infos

Level: You should have a stable mount on a highline and be able to walk at least 10m on an easy highline.

Minimum age: 18 years

Insurance: Is your own business

Any Questions?

Write us an email: contact form or give us call on +41 (0) 77 408 03 57.

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