Slackline Infos

  1. Take part in the game and become the Slacktivity Freestyle Champion!

    From April to June we challenge you with 10 different slackline tasks that you have to master. After the task is released, you have 3 weeks to stick the challenge. Every week, a new challenge will be released. Every time you succeed to fulfill the task, you will get to the next round. Every week the tasks will become more challenging.

    Basically the idea is to stick the task on a highline but it is also allowed to fulfill them on a waterline or a longline. However, be aware that some tricks are potentially dangerous on a longline due to possibly uncontrolled ground-falls. A few tasks will also require a leash – those are not allowed on longlines.


    See the video for a better explaination of the competition. Here you can also see the first trick of the contest! 

    Overview of tricks

      Trick Presented by Start Deadline Challenge Video
    Round 1 Deadman Dive Lukas Irmler 8th April 30th April Video
    Round 2 The Korean Roll  Gaelle Joubert  15th April  7th May Video 
    Round 3          
    Round 4          
    Round 5          
    Round 6          
    Round 7          
    Round 8          
    Round 9          
    Round 10          

    What can you win?

    First of all eternal fame! The Slacktivity Freestyle Champion will win a 80m pinkTube Type C plus a stainless HangOver of the next generation.

    You think that you won’t make it 1st place? Good news for you: There will be a second winner! The participant that classifies in the middle of the entire ranking will win a 80m pinkTube Type B plus 2 sexy aluminium shackles.

    How can I participate?

    Slacktivity uploads a video of each round on their Youtube channel, this page and on Facebook. From this moment on you’ll have 3 weeks to send us back your video, performing the trick. You’ll have to upload a video of you doing the requested trick to a video-platform of your choice (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, others – important to have open privacy settings, so that we will be able to watch the video). Then you send us an e-mail to The following information need to be in the e-mail:

    Header: Make sure to state what round it is already in the header. E.g. “Round 1 – Samuel Volery”

    • Your Full Name
    • Age (only necessary in the first e-mail)
    • Country of Residence (only necessary in the first e-mail or if you change residence)
    • Link to the video
    • Optional: Sponsors
    • Optional: Slackline-Association / Federation 

    It would be cool if you use Slacktivity Intro or logo in the video. You can download the intro video here, and the logo's here

    If you want, then share this video and tag a friend who should also participate, so that you can rig and rage together!


    You participate at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you exactly know how to set up a highline and that you make a partner check every time you mount a line! We also strongly recommend to use a dynamic line that allows soft leash falls. Use for example a nylon slackline of about 50m length. Tension it with a 3:1 Hangover-Pulley and 1-2 people pulling – this makes it much easier to get some bounce out of the line.


    Your video is your property. We will not use any of your content on our channels unless you give us written permission to do that.

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  2. Used pinkTube breaking strength test by the International Slackline Association (ISA)

    A piece of pinkTube has been permanently rigged and sessioned for 6-8 months. It has seen between 3000 - 5000 leashfalls and was exposed to the sun for about 2 hours per day. It was located in a forest in France, near streaming water with high humidity. This piece of webbing has been break tested by the International Slackline Association. In the following article you can see the results:

    Webbing break tests Slacktivity pinkTube - ISA

    If you want to find out more about forces that are occuring in highlines, then you can watch the following video. Be aware that highlines rigged with low-stretch webbing and short highlines see clearly higher peak forces compared to high-stretch webbing ones or long highlines. 

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  3. Knots in slackline webbing


    Knot breaking by SLACKTIVITY

    Tear it up

    Author: Daan Nieuwenhuis
    Break tests: Daan Nieuwenhuis & Samuel Volery
    Pictures by: Daan Nieuwenhuis


    Since a few years the low-tension lines have become more of a standard. This new style brings new styles of rigging, one of these is tying knots in the back up webbing. But what does a knot in webbing actually hold? How does the knot influence the breaking strength of the webbing? As SLACKTIVITY we also had the goal to test out multiple knots to connect our back-up webbing to the mainline in our Type B webbings (redTube & pinkTube). This is done by making a knot in your back up webbing, and connect it to a T-Loop with a quicklink.

    WARNING: Knots can be complicated and hard to check properly. Don’t use them if you’re not 100% sure that the knot is correct, or if there is nobody that has the knowledge to double check it. Even after tying a knot 20 times, mistakes can still happen. Always double check each other rigs.

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  4. Samuel Volery

    Sam Volery - Pic by Aiden Williams

    Samuel Volery

    The 34 year old slackliner from Zurich, Switzerland started Slacklining in 2004 to stabilize his knee after an injury of his crutiate ligament. Not only did he recover extremely fast from his injury, but he started loving that sport and soon after founded SLACKTIVITY together with Tobias Rodenkirch. In the following years he concentrated on Jumplining and became Swiss Champion in Tricklining in 2013. From that moment on he started to highline more and more as he discovered the freestyle potential of that sport, and started pushing the boundaries. He broke the world record of highlining several times - in 2018 he walked a 1900m long highline without falling. Beside that, he was the first person to manage the handstand on a highline and keeps impressing the slackline world with spectacular trick-combos. He walks all his highlines secured.


    Current Highline World Record Holder


    Sam already did countless highline-shows in Switzerland but also in other countries in Europe. His favourite length to do shows is between 40m and 100m. But he is open for any highline up to 3km length. Contact him on if you want to book him for a show.


    Sam was the first highliner to do shoulder stands and handstands on highlines and is still inventing a lot of new tricks. His show-program - mixed up with music and dance-elements - is versatile and amazes every crowd.

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Sam? Email to, checkout, give a follow on his Instagram: @samuelvolery or check out his Athlethe page on Facebook!

     Instagram @samuelvoleryFacebook Samuel VoleryWebsite SlacktivityCH

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  5. Lukas Irmler

    Lukas Irmler picture by Christian Spreitz

    Meet the Athlete

    Name: Lukas Irmler
    Nick name: Luke Skywalker
    Age: 30

    When I stepped on my first Slackline in the summer of 2006, it felt totally different to me then any other sport I had tried before. I will never forget that positive feeling after crossing my first Slackline after 3 days of practising. Slacklining quickly became more than just my hobby. It developed into my sport, my passion and finally became my profession in 2011. After finishing my Bachelor of Science in 2011 I decided to dedicate my life completely to my passion Slacklining. Since then I was able to travel the world, realizing my dreams, sharing my passion and knowledge. After I finished my studies 2016 with a Master degree in Economics I commit my time fully to the sport and the work as a professional Athlete, Artist and Consultant.

    I got unique chances and never let pass one, so I got two Guinness World Record Titles and numerous Longline Records within the last years. I also became first in several Tricks and Combinations on the Trickline and Highline. Furthermore I have gathered great experience in performing shows all around the globe and have been part of multiple TV productions. Today I am more than happy to share my passion and experiences while giving speeches and presentations as well as performances and workshops.


    As a slackliner, speaker and artists Lukas is the most experience worldwide among all slackliners. He started doing shows all around the globe in 2008. Check out his website for more information about this! Or send him an email at


    He's a specialist on the highline, freestyle tricks and going on expeditions to rig epic lines.His favorite trick is the handstand, but you will always see it Lukas when he does a double drop knee or handstand. 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Lukas? Or follow his adventures? Check out his website, send him an email, give him a follow on Instagram @lukasirmler or follow his Facebook Athlethe page

     Instagram @lukasirmlerFacebook Lukas IrmlerWebsite Lukas IrmlerMail Lukas Irmler YouTube

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  6. Richard Terashy

    Richard Terashy

    Meet the Athlete

    Name: Richard Terashy
    Nick name: Terashy

    Age: 33

    Richard aka Terashy88 is a Slackliner from Zürich, Switzerland. He was born in Jamaica and moved to Switserland as a kid. He has only been slacklining since 2016. Before that he has enjoyed a lot of other sports like ice hockey, surfing, downhill mountainbike and downhill longboard. He's unstopable and rarely sits still, he keeps on going! Besides a lot of slacklining he's an elevator technician and gives slackline lessons. He loves to visit different meetings when he has enough time besides his work. 


    Richard has been helping out Samuel Volery with some shows in Switserland. 

    Personal message

    "Hope to slackline with you soon at a slackline meeting!"


    You can easily recognize him by his aggressive, but controlled slackline style. You can regonize him by his quick twists, surfs (one leg) and bounces. All his tricks are always peformed with a huge smile on his face. Next to that he also loves to dance and feel the flow on the Slackline. He can be a real crowd entertainer! 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Richard? Or follow his adventures? Give him a follow on Instagram @terashy88 or find him on Facebook

     Instagram @lukasirmlerFacebook Lukas Irmler

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  7. Anthony Hotte

    Anthony Hotte - Pic by Aiden Williams

    Meet the Athlete

    Name: Anthony Hotte
    Nick name: Antho

    Age: 20

    Anthony is an slackline artist from Québec, Canada. He was introduced to highlining in May 2016 by his great friend Guillaume Fontaine. They are now knows as the duo Les Farfadets! Direcyly he fell in love with the sport, he already started highlining in september 2016, and ONLY after one year he competed in his first Highline compettion in China. There he stunned every pro highliner by winning the competition, he came out of nowhere! 
    There Samual Volery took 3rd place after Guilliame Fontaine, Sam was so amazed by their skill that since then Les Farfadets are part of the Slacktivity Athlete team. In the winter of 2018, he won a trickhighline competition in Mexico. In that same year in September he set the new world record for highlining to 1900m together with a team of other slackliners, including Slacktivity Athletes Lukas Irmler, Sam Volery and Guilliame Fontaine. 


    Anthony already has quite some show experience! He has been performing at Jackalope 2017 (Big action sports event), Freak Show 2018,  Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke in 2018 and Noctalumbe in 2018. 


    When you see a guy with a unicycle on a highline, it's him, it's Anthony for sure. And when you see two people doing tandem on a highline you can be quite certain it's Anthony & Guilliame. His favorite trick is the handstand on the line! He's an specialist in handstand on the line, he has been practicing a lot with the handstand on the rodeoline. 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Anthony? Or follow his adventures? Give him a follow on Instagram @lesfarfadets or find him on Facebook

     Instagram @lesfarfadetsFacebook Les Farfadets YouTube

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  8. Andrea Dattoli

    Andrea Datolli picture by Maurico Ramos

    Meet the Athlete

    Name: Andrea Dattoli
    Age: 28

    Andrea is a slackliner from Mexico. She's a very passionate practioneer and teacher of the following three things: Yoga, Acroyoga and Slacklining! The mastering of these 3 skills make up for an unique creative slackline style with lots of controlled and elegant yoga moves on the slackline. Next to that she's a social psychologist and sometimes an artist!
    She defines her self as someone who experiments with all forms of movement, lately she has been mainly interested in the development of her balance. This has led to new Yoga moves on the floor & on the slackline. Her improved balance on the line helps her a lot while doing Yoga and Acroyoga. Her moves come from moving her body consious and constant motivation. She has been slacklining for 5 years now. 

    She's a certified teacher in Acroyoga TT Montreal since 2015 and Hatha Yoga. She's a member of the Mexico City slackline team "Tenochtitline Slackline México". Her goal is to motivate the community and make it grow, and above all to create new possibilities of art, corporal expression and options to open a path of heailing and well-being. 

    Shows / Workshops

    Andrea hasn't done a true show yet, but it's always magical to see her move so calmly and elegenant on the highline which is already a great performance! However she has a lot of experience giving slackline workshops, for beginners and about Yogalining. The workshops she gave were in numerous of places, think about yoga centres, musical / cultural events and even in a juvenal jail! She's trying to show kids, adults, yoga teachers and physiotherapist the way of the slackline! Sharing is very important to her. 


    Check out her photo on the left, Andrea is a true master in Yoga on the line! Check out the video below for a feel about what Yoga on the line is. Slowly she's moving from the slow and controlled yoga to the highline trickbouncing as well. 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Andrea? Or follow her adventures? Give her a follow on Instagram @a_dattoli, subricbe to her YouTube or follow her Facebook

     Instagram @a_dattolliFacebook Lukas Irmler YouTube

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  9. Pablo Traversat

    Pablo Traversat Picture by Daan Nieuwenhuis

    Meet the Athlete

    Name: Pablo Traversat
    Age: 22
    Lives in: Eindhoven, Netherlands. Expat with French and Dutch roots.

    Pablo – founder of SlackNED (Slackline Association of the Netherlands) – is currently finalizing his bachelor thesis in  Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

    It was in 2016 – after injuring both of his elbows while bouldering and watching Spencer Seabrook’s documentary “Free Solo” – that Pablo soon discovered the universe of slackline. Now it’s been over two years that he is passionately practicing this discipline in combination with his study. For him, slacklining is not only a discipline which enhances your mental and physical state. It is also a way of living which brought him a lot of stability in his life. “Whenever you fall, learn the causes and try again till you succeed. Be patient, persist and enjoy the ride because step by step everything can be fulfilled.”

    The first time Pablo encounter a Highline was in 2017, during the first Dutch Highline Festival (also known as the Safety Meeting). Walking a Highline was so intense, magical and unique that ever since – despite the constraint of his studies and living in a flat country – he eagerly tries to pursue Highline projects and events. That same year Pablo had the privilege to take part in a Highline project, in Zakynthos, where he walked on a 580m long Highline.

    If you briefly want to know  Pablo, he is an energetic exuberant clown. People mainly know him as a “park slackliner” and for his distinct style of expressing himself on the line. Inspired by Sebastian Segraves, Pablo enjoys mastering the surf-bounce. He is eager to go on new adventures, learn new bounce tricks and send big highline.  “Believe in your abilities, be patient, and with passion, you will reach what you seek.”


    Pablo has been showing his skills during the Safety Meeting in 2016 and 2018 in the Netherlands


    If you see a slackliner and you're wondering, if he's closing his eyes, it's probably Pablo! And if you're wondering why this buffed fitness guy is on a slackline, it's Pablo! With his immense focus he's able to control so many lines and walk them with the arms down. He is a specialist in surf-bouncing and making huge rodeo surfswings! 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Pablo? Or follow his adventures? Give him a follow on Instagram @pab_tra

     Instagram @a_dattolli

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  10. Gaëlle Joubert

    Gaëlle Joubert

    Meet the Athlete

    Name: Gaëlle Joubert
    Age: 24
    Country: France

    Around 2009, Gaëlle read an article about the Flying Frenchies walking "tightrope" in Verdon. She found it awesome and kept the article... "One day ..." She was introduced to slacklining through rock-climbing, in 2011. In 2013 she went to Canada for an Internship., and that’s when she started longline « Seriously ». In 2015 the slackline communities evolved in the Facebook Age, online, she met awesome people that took her highline in Verdon. The circle was complete. 

    For two years she kept highlining, but didn't improve much. She loved being out there, in the wild, but sadly once on the line, she couldn't overcome her fear. At some point, she met the crazy Louise Lenoble and quited her job for a while, and realized her mindset has changed : she was not afraid anymore, having fun on longer lines and enjoying the challenges of rigging ! Now, what she enjoy the most is going exploring the mountains and establishing new lines with Friends. In 2016 she rigged and  send the most northern line ever rigged, on a Greenland glacier. 

    She is also the painter behind the amazing and succesfull “Highline Comics” Facebook page, and part-time Software Engineer.

     Highline Comics

    Gaëlle's lessons! 

    "Don’t despair if you feel highlining is not for you and you are improving much more slowly than others. Take your time, just enjoy how lucky you are to be on that cliff anyway, and at some point it will come. I’m the living proof you can be a beginner for a long time, and end up not so bad.” 

    “Drawing and painting forces you to pay attention to every detail of the landscape that surrounds you. It makes you analyze everything, and look at your environment with another perspective. A drawing session, can help you to feel “at home” on a line.” 


    Drawing super funny, totally relatable and amazing drawings! Go check that out on “Highline Comics”! She enjoys the highline the most, especially opening new cool lines and everything around that. Think about exploration and climbing. She love the back bounce & hammockroll. But If you see a girl doing a mermaid on a line, it's probably Gaëlle! 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Gaëlle? Or follow her adventures / drawings? Give her a follow on Instagram @mamie_gaelle or follow her Facebook page.

     Instagram @mamie_gaelleFacebook Highline Comics 

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  11. Lyell Grunberg

    Lyell Grunberg

    Meet the Athlete

    Lyell Grunberg is a 21 year old professional Slackliner and artist from Switzerland. Having 7 years of experience, he is part of the best Trickliners worldwide and one of the most versatile Slackliners ever. Lyell is Slacklining as a full-time career since June 2016.

    Having participated in more than 25 international competitions around the world, traveling and meeting the Slackline community worldwide, holding workshops and performing shows all over Europe and overseas, he is a well-known athlete for his never-dying motivation and his will to learn something new everyday. “My goal as a Slackliner is to inspire people to balance every single aspect of their life. Walking on the line is for me only a practical way of seeking for balance in everything I do”.

    His philosophy: “Things always seem impossible, until their done. Train a little every day, be patient and at some point you will become really good”. Lyell is a very ambitious and enthusiastic person and trains hard to achieve his dreams. “On a slackline we are constantly falling. I believe it is the same for us in life. We are constantly seeking balance. Each and one of us has to learn to balance and use each opportunity to learning something new everyday”.


    Lyell already has a lot of experience in shows! For example in Brussel in a circus and even a wedding in San José! If you want to get in touch with him you can do so by sending him an email at


    Lyell is a specialist on the trickline, you can almost call that a narrow trampoline. His style is elegant, clean and he makes fancy grabs! 

    Getting in touch

    Do you want to get in touch with Lyell? Or follow his adventures? Check out his website, send him an email, give him a follow on Instagram @slacklineguy or follow his Facebook Athlethe page

     Instagram @lukasirmlerFacebook Lukas IrmlerWebsite Lukas IrmlerMail Lukas Irmler YouTube

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  12. Welche Slackline kaufen?

    Da SLACKTIVITY® die grösste Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Slacklines und Slackline-Systeme anbietet, scheint es zu Beginn eine Herausforderung zu sein die richtige Slackline, zu finden. Aber halt! - So schwierig ist das gar nicht und zudem lassen sich die Slackline-Sets erweitern und upgraden. Als Entscheidungsgrundlage kann man sich einerseits am persönlichen Level (Beginner, Advanced, Pro) orientieren oder an der Erfahrung die man im Aufbau von Slacklines hat. Am einfachsten aufzubauen sind Slackline-Sets mit Ratschen. Sogar Kinder wissen beim zweiten oder dritten Mal wie man eine Slackline mit Ratsche aufbaut. Sobald aber längere oder dynamischere Lines gespannt werden sind Ratschen limitierend, weil nicht mehr genügend Band auf die Spindel aufgenommen werden kann. Hier sind der HangoverPulley oder RopePulley die richtige Wahl und bietet mit dem modularen Aufbau einen viel grösseren Einsatzbereich (Longline/Waterline/Highline).

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  13. Vereins-Liste

    Wer noch nie ein Vereinstraining eines Slacklinevereins besucht hat - dem sei das wärmstens empfohlen. Nicht nur weil man so in einer warmen und trockenen Turnhalle über den Winter trainieren kann, nein auch weil es sehr inspirierend ist, seine Passion mit anderen Slackliner zu teilen. Die meisten Vereine sind sehr offen und heissen Einsteiger bis Cracks aller Altersschichten herzlich bei sich willkommen. Hier eine Liste der aktiven Slackline-Vereine der Schweiz mit Indoor-Trainingsmöglichkeiten:


    Indoor-Training: Fr 1800 - 2200

    Location: Freies Gymnasium Basel, Scherkesselweg 30, 4052 Basel


    Indoor-Training: Mi 1800 - 2200

    Location Indoor Boulder- und Slackline-Halle "Heustock" in Riedbach

    SLACKLIONS (Zürich)

    Indoor-Training: Do 1900 - 2200

    Location: Kantonsschule Stadelhofen

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  14. Rekorde im Highlinen

    Die Jagt der Rekorde - gerade im Highlinen hat sich diese inert kürzester Zeit extrem beschleunigt. Im Juli 2015 lag der Weltrekord noch bei 169m. Darauf hin viel bald die 500m Marke, dann 1km, 1 Mile (1.662km) - als nächstes ist die 2km Marke zu erwarten.

    Weshalb sich die Weltrekordjagd dermassen beschleunigte hat unterschiedliche Gründe. Einerseits gibt es immer mehr Slackliner die das Highlinen auf einem sehr hohen Niveau ausüben und teilweise auch durch Sponsering-Einnahmen damit ihren Lebensunterhalt bestreiten. Anderseits hat sich das Slackline-Material weiterentwickelt (HangOver, HangOver-Pulley) und eine neue Technik kam dazu, wie man mehrere Slacklinebänder miteinander verbindet (->jeweilige Endschlaufe mit Quicklinks verbinden). Denn zuvor hat man versucht für die jeweilige Rekordlänge ein Band an einem Stück zu weben. Dies ist extrem schwierig und teuer in der Herstellung. Daher war zu beginn die Jagd nach den Rekorden davon Abhängig ob man so ein Band herstellen lassen konnte.

    In diesem Beitrag wird die Geschichte nach der Weltrekordjagd im Highlinen erzählt.

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  15. Vergleich von Karabinern

    Weil das Slacklinen noch eine junge Sportart ist und es noch wenig Material und Standards gibt die sich auf die Slackline-Anwendung ausrichten, wird Material von anderen Anwendungen (aus dem Sport- und Industrieklettern bis hin zu Industrieanwendungen) dazu hergenommen.

    Hier in diesem Beitrag wird gezeigt, dass dies zum Beispiel bei Karabinern nicht ganz unproblematisch ist und man sich nicht auf die Bruchlastangaben auf dem Material blind verlassen darf.

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  16. Tutorials: Highlinen

    Die Königsdisziplin - das Highlinen zieht immer mehr Slackliner in ihren Bann. Denn keine andere Slackline-Disziplin ist so vielfältig und faszinierend wie das Highlinen. Und wer jetzt denkt, dass sei nur den absoluten Cracks vorbehalten und gefährlich, - der irrt sich. Denn die Verletzungsgefahr (man ist immer doppelt gesichert) ist sogar geringer als beim Sportklettern (mann fällt nur ins Leere und kann nicht gegen eine Felswand klatschen wie beim Klettern). Und es gibt nun schon einige Einsteiger die innerhalb eines Jahres zum Highlinen gekommen sind. Natürlich sind Kenntnisse über einen sauberen Aufbau und Verhalten unerlässlich. Dieses Knowhow bekommt man am besten in einem unserer Highline-Workshops vermittelt. Oder man schliesst sich einer Gruppe von erfahrenen Highliner an. Hier schon mal eine Zusammenstellung von Highline-Tutorials zur Inspiration!

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  17. Fachliteratur

    Hier finden sich Artikel und Studien über das Slacklinen und dessen Wirkung sowie Verweise auf Studien.

    Masterarbeit von Samuel Volery

    Auswirkungen eines Slackline- resp. eines herkömmlichen Gleichgewichtstrainings auf die Sensomotorik und die Gleichgewichtsfähigkeit
    ETH Zürich, 2010

    Masterarbeit von Tobias Rodenkirch

    Verbesserung der Konzentrationsfähigkeit mittels Slacklinetraining ETH Zürich, 2012

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  18. Was ist Slacklinen und woher kam es?

    Unter Slacklinen versteht man das Balancieren auf einem 2.5 - 5 cm breiten Kunstfaserband, das zwischen zwei Fixpunkten (meist Bäumen) aufgespannt ist. Aus der, vor Jahren nur in der Kletterszene bekannten Sportart, hat sich inzwischen zu eine Trendsportart entwickelt. Doch Slacklinen wird nicht nur als eigenständige Sportart betrieben, sondern auch oft von Spitzensportlern als Gleichgewichtstrainingsmittel eingesetzt. Zudem wird die Slackline auch immer öfters in der Physiotherapie beispielsweise zur Rehabilitation von Kreuzbandrissen verwendet.

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  19. Erste Schweizer Meisterschaft 2013 im Jumplinen

    20 Athleten aus dem ganzen Land haben im Jahr 2013 zum ersten Mal vor 300 Zuschauern spektakuläre Tricks gezeigt und das Publikum in Begeisterung versetzt. Sieger der ersten Schweizer Slackline-Meisterschaften in Zürich wurden nach spannenden Finalläufen Samuel Volery aus Uster und Alexandra Oswald aus Zürich.

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  20. Slackline Lehrmittel

    In der heutigen Zeit, wo sich das Bewegungsumfeld und Bedingungen für Kinder zunehmend verschlechtert hat, ist es nach unserer Meinung sehr wichtig neue Bewegungsformen (wie das Slacklinen) zu finden und zu fördern. Deshalb stellen wir hier gratis zum Download mehrere Lehrmittel für das Slacklinen im Schulsport zur Verfügung.

    Lehrmittel für den Sportunterricht auf Sekundar- und Mittelschulstufe

    Slackline-Lehrmittel (DE).pdf (1.73 MB)
    Benotungs-Formular (DE).xlsx (33.30 KB)

    Matériel scolaire sportif slackline (FR).pdf (1.27 MB)
    Notation slackline (FR).xlsx (32.05 KB)


    mobilesport Slacklinen (DE).pdf (1.15 MB)

    Videos zum Slacklinen in der Schule/Verein

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